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The 60th Anniversary – DVD Format

The 60th Anniversary Documentary video tells the story of children and Chiropractic from the beginning starting with Dr. Willard Carver, a withered child who was healed by D.D. Palmer the founder of Chiropractic. After regaining his strength, Carver grew to the stature of a man of 6’ 8” tall and a practicing attorney. Later he defended Palmer in court for healing without a license. Carver became a Chiropractor, and along with D. D. Palmer, moved from Iowa to Oklahoma. He was convinced there would be more acceptance of the new healing art and wrote the first Chiropractic law.

This 60th Anniversary video tells the story of children who came to the center, many with no hope of ever regaining their health. However, because of the treatment received at Oklahaven, most live healthy, happy, responsible lives and give back to life.

The Children’s Chiropractic Center Oklahaven, a nonprofit 501(c) 3 charitable organization, is celebrating its 60th Anniversary, dedicated to helping the most profoundly hurt children amongst us naturally return to health. Many parents tell us they wish they had known to look for the early signs of Subluxation, indicative of a child’s compromised neurological system.

During Dr. Bobby’s over forty-year tenure with the clinic, the center has received national and international recognition. She has been a speaker at numerous national and international conferences, Chiropractic colleges and has been invited to conduct clinics treating severely hurt children in over 17 countries throughout the world;

The children Oklahaven serve range from newborns to teens: birth trauma, nursing difficulties, colic, projectile vomiting, acid reflux, intestinal problems, allergies, asthma, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, heart disorders, Down syndrome, ADD, ADHD through the autism spectrum, cerebral palsy, developmental delays, and failure to thrive, to name only a few.

For the parents, there is incredible loneliness each day as they obsess over what to do for their child; in their hearts, they know something is not as it should be. Yet every one of us has an Innate recuperative power that, given time, enables us to recover and thrive.

The wisdom found in this video provides hope that a return to health for a hurt child can become a reality.

Oklahaven has been quietly serving the children since 1962 without Federal, State, or United Way Funding relying only on the generous support of people who believe in a natural drug-free way of life for our children.