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PaulaIn 1998 Oklahaven’s Parent Support Group began with parents whose children were patients at the Center and has grown to include parents from the community who want to keep their children healthy.  The “Parent Support Group” Patters has been an integral part since 2001. These newsletters are a wealth of information for parents on the journey of returning a child to his optimal potential. The Patters also reflect the patterns we have seen in helping both the parent and the child to personal freedom, and has natural Easter egg dyes.  One of our most memorable and interesting meetings we met at Martin Park Nature Center in Oklahoma City. After eating some healthy snacks, we took a nature walk with paper and pencils to make field notes. We saw many animals from each of the different categories. One creature got closer than I was prepared for – a garter snake came down the trunk of a tree that I had stopped to look at because of its large spikes. It definitely startled me. Laurie, our experienced leader and parent, picked it up and talked about it and let all the kids hold it. I felt brave enough to touch it.  Laurie told how unusual it was to actually get to see a snake at the Park. What an exceptional treat – in the middle of our hectic lives, in a beautifully peaceful garden – to watch our children learning to respect nature. Most of all, I kept thinking how grateful we all were to see so many of the previously hurt children enjoying such a full life. The support we give to, and receive from, each other has been invaluable. We look forward this next year to the excitement of sharing how much healthier our children are because of the changes we have made in our lives. The programs we have chosen have involved primarily nutrition because that is where our bodies get (or don’t get) the energy to live.
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