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  • In-Line Winter 2020 (2mb PDF)
    Stories: Zephaniah, Mild ear infection, medication reaction, many tests including spinal tap, meningitis, a stroke on the right side of body, loss of vision and hearing, seizures, feeding tube and inflammation of the brain.
    Presidents Report: Labor and delivery leading to birth trauma. Why chiropractic is vital soon after birth.
    Food energy is your remedy: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” – What to keep in your pantry.

  • In-Line Winter 2019 (1.2mb PDF)
    Stories: Edward, Emergency Cesarean, head tilt, trouble breast feeding, breathing disorder, gassy, not eating, not crying, face larger on one side.

  • In-Line Winter 2018 (3.2mb PDF)
    Stories: Nova, French Breach Birth, torticollis, no left head rotation, hip dyspasia – Legs straight out.

  • In-Line Winter 2017 (2.9mb PDF)
    Stories: Michael, After birth struggling to breath and digestion was painful, stools explosive, bloody and contained mucus, ended up in ICU with low oxygen. Grew slowly and slow to meet milestones. Feet and legs turned in, did not sleep well.

  • In-Line Winter 2016 (2.2mb PDF)
    Stories: Sydney & Taylor, Acid reflux, cracked eczema skin, random red rashes, slept 1 1/2 hour each time, colicky 24/7, failing to meet milestones. Speech regression, Apraxia, No eye contact or singing around her, Auditory sensory disorder, ran disorganized.

  • In-Line Fall 2015 (1.2mb PDF)
    Stories: MacKenzie, Vaccum, Stomach suction, Spitting up dark fluid, bacteria, Fluid, Skull had Jagged edge, No Tummy Time, Eyes, Multiple Sclerosis, Brain Injury, Crawling, Flacid Muscle Tone, Distant look, in her eyes. At 25 months she runs, incredible verbal skills, likes to dance, sense of humor and depth of understanding, Slow to meet milestones, weak neck muscles, Distant look.

  • In-Line Fall 2014 (569k PDF)
    Stories: Giavanna, spinda bifida L4 and L5, myelomenigocele, psuedomonas, bladder infections, autism...Gia’s continuation story in 2015.

  • In-Line Fall 2013 (1.2mb PDF)
    Stories: Babies, Symptoms that we observe include: lack of life, no expression, unresponsiveness to the environment, they are listless, flaccid, have no animation or expression, many have big smiles. Parents describe problems nursing, trouble burping, colic, acid reflux, irregular sleep patterns, and sleep/feed cycles. Babies are easily agitated, hypersensitive to noise, with no connection to their environment, they are weak, unable to right themselves. They do not like ““tummy time”. The pupils do not respond to light, and little eye contact is made. Tongue movement is also limited.

  • In-Line Winter 2012 (854k PDF)
    Stories: Parker’s Story, Cerebral Palsy.

  • In-Line Winter 2011-12 (480k PDF)
    Stories: Chanden: Journey into Life, A six-Month-Old’s legally blind, developmental problems.

  • In-Line Fall 2010 (418k PDF)
    Stories: Overcoming Autism Spectrum Disorders, Pervasive Developmental Disorders, Sensory Processing Disorder, Aspberger’s, ADHD, Apraxia and Bowel Problems.
    Events:Have-A-Heart” Golden Heart Award Winners: Dr. Steven Loehr of Meek Chiropractic, Springfield, Missouri, Life University, Marietta, Georgia, spearheaded by student Christie Kwon; Independent Fundraiser – Subluxation Benefit 5K Walk/Run in the San Francisco area, conducted by Dr. Robert Martines and all the volunteers and donors, Monthly Birthday Party – Each month we meet to celebrate the zodiac birthday, to gain community awareness and to prepare for our 50th Anniversary.
    Parent Support Group: Monthly Patters being prepared for website, Letter from new President, Trude Cone, Amsterdam, to parents around the world, Recipe for Banana Pancakes
    Laughter is the Best Medicine Exercise: 10 minutes of laughter each day can help result in healing for the children, and less frustration for the parents.
    Seminars: “Oklahaven on the Move” – Chicago, Illinois, Moscow, Russia, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Austin, Texas - Austinhaven, new children’s chiropractic center, Southern California University of Health Sciences, Los Angeles – New Children’s Clinic, Northwestern Health Sciences University – Chiropractic College, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Cleveland Chiropractic College – Kansas City, Kansas Chiropractic Philosophy - Forum in Seattle, Washington; and The Dead Chiropractic Society, Los Angeles area, California

  • In-Line Fall 2009 (404k PDF)
    Stories: Developmental and Emotional Delays; Limited Vision; Finding Baby Food in America
    Events: “Have-A-Heart” – Golden Heart Award Winners – Dr. Paul Fisher of Fisher Chiropractic Center in Miami, Florida and Cleveland Chiropractic College, Kansas City. First workshop for special needs children at Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas – One-year-old with Down syndrome and child who walked on his tip-toes.
    Parent Support Group: Blackberry picking – observing the correlation of the delayed development of the blackberries with the delay of the life force in the children.
    Seminars: “Oklahaven on the Move” – Europe, Honduras , Northwestern Chiropractic College , Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City and Los Angeles
    Outstanding Volunteers: Lidwina Van Dyke – Neuro-developmentalist.
    Gil Tinker – early board member who started the “In-Line” newsletter.
    New Director of External Programs: Dr. James O’Dwyer – directing the Externship Program and the expansion of the “Have-A-Heart” campaign to the public.

  • In-Line Fall 2008 (504k PDF)
    Stories: Overcoming Seizures, Oxygen Deprivation, Angelman’s syndrome; Laughter is the Best Medicine
    Events: 10th Anniversary of “Have-A-Heart” – Golden Heart Award Winners – Cleveland Chiropractic College – Dr. Carl Cleveland and student James O’Dwyer and Dr. Howard Berg of Island Chiropractic and Golf Fitness Center, St. Simon’s Island, GA; Independent Fundraisers – Dr. Vincent Malba ran the New York City Marathon with Oklahaven on his back
    Parent Support Group: Monthly Patters – letter to the Oklahaven’s parents around the world: Medicinal Properties of Food and Herbs, Natural Household Cleaning, Your Job as a Parent, Baby’s Healthy Development, Spring Vegetable Soup, Natural Detox, Inner Terrain, Quick Snacks, Fall Bean Soup, Pumpkin seeds; Celebrated 46th Anniversary with Origami
    Seminars: “Oklahaven on the Move” – Ireland, Honduras, Germany, Los Angeles
    Outstanding Volunteers: Ellen Mercer – Certified Laughter Yoga Leader

  • In-Line Spring 2008 (536k PDF)
    Stories: Rash, Allergies, Autism, Pain, Inconsolable, Ear and Sinus Infection, Strange Behaviors, distant, unaffected, not crying out when hurt, sick all the time, colic.
    Events: “Have-A-Heart” in seven Countries: Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Australia, Canada, Italy, United Kingdom, and 16 Chiropractic College Campuses; The Golden Heart a blessing from God, the giver of life.
    Parent Support Group: Pureed Vegetable Soup Recipe
    Seminars: “Oklahaven on the Move” – Hamburg, Germany; Honduras; St. Petersburg, Florida
    Outstanding Volunteers: Christopher Slater – the Laughing Yogi

  • In-Line Fall 2007 (1.5mb PDF)
    Stories: “Oklahaven on the Move” - Profoundly hurt and comatose children – Hamburg, Germany – Dr. Marc Styers; Honduras; Los Angeles, Logan Chiropractic College, St. Petersburg, Florida; the subluxation shows the shut down of a child’s systems: Respiratory, Gastrointestinal, Circulatory, Immune, Sensory, Mental or psychiatric, Neurological and the developmental disorders, Tantrums.
    Events: 45th Anniversary Documentary DVD – One Child’s Journey to Health produced; Nationwide Internet Radio Talk Show hosted by Robert Groupe, “How Will We Live?” “Have-A-Heart” offers new DVD.
    Parent Support Group: Greatest Detox - chiropractic care, breathing, eating greens. The hard work of healing a child is the parent’s freedom later and the child achieving full potential. Outstanding Volunteers: Dr. Rachel Miller

  • In-Line Spring 2007 (1.2mb PDF)
    Stories: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Lupus, Forceps Delivery, Traumatic Birth
    45th Anniversary Parker Seminars in Las Vegas and Dr. Fabrizio Mancini honor Dr. Bobby and Oklahaven. PerformanceHealth Inc. – Biofreeze and Thera-Band present a Humanitarian Award to Dr. Bobby.
    Events: “Have-A-Heart” – Golden Heart Winners – Dr. Howard Berg with Island Chiropractic and Golf Fitness Center, St. Simon’s Island, GA and Logan College of Chiropractic
    Seminars: “Oklahaven on the Move” – Karl Parker Seminar – Las Vegas; Parker Seminars – Las Vegas; Palmer College of Chiropractic – Davenport, Iowa; Los Angeles, Logan Chiropractic College – St. Louis, MO; St. Petersburg, Florida; Hamburg, Germany; Cranial Adjusting Techniques – Dr. Turner
    Parent Support Group: Chiropractic changes a child’s life – true health for families – “fussy” babies. “During my spring break, I enjoyed an opportunity to help at Oklahaven. It was heart warming to see the patients and their progress. I saw all those little increments of change added together. Autistic children were beginning to talk, and severely hurt children looked more normal.”
    Outstanding Volunteers: Dr. Howard Berg
    Intern: Dr. Broc Derryberry – 6 month intern

  • In-Line Fall 2006 (284k PDF)
    Stories: Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis JIA or Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis JRA patient marches in Tournament of Roses Parade
    45th Anniversary Oklahaven’s History Time-Line of Restoring the Life Force within Our Children
    Events: “Have-A-Heart” – Golden Heart Winners – Dr. Howard Berg with Island Chiropractic and Golf Fitness Center, St. Simon’s Island, GA and Logan College of Chiropractic; Independent Fundraisers – “Got Subluxation? Get Adjusted”, San Francisco 5K run/walk.
    Parent Support Group: The commitment it takes to heal a child
    Seminars: “Oklahaven on the Move” – Karl Parker Seminar – Philadelphia; St. Petersburg, Florida; Functional Neurological Evaluation of a Child; Los Angeles, California; Cleveland Chiropractic College; Dead Chiropractic Society; Cranial Adjusting Techniques Seminar (CATS) with Dr. Roger Turner; Northwestern Chiropractic College, Minnesota – Dr. Ann Spicer, Dr. Joseph Swere and Sara Jane Curell; Honduras - FUNCHAE
    Outstanding Volunteers: Dr. Martines and staff

  • In-Line Spring 2006 (244k PDF)
    Stories: Long-Term Effects of Managed Childbirth: Pitocin Induction, Epidurals, Electronic fetal monitor, Cesarean Delivery, Severe digestive problems; Doula
    Events: OU Big Event Day, “Have-a-Heart” – Island Chiropractic and Golf Fitness Center, St. Simon’s Island, GA
    Parent Support Group: Chicken Soup Stock Recipe
    Seminars: “Oklahaven on the Move” – Honduras – FUNCHAE, St. Petersburg, Florida
    Outstanding Volunteers: Dr. John Carver

  • In-Line Fall 2005 (220k PDF)
    Stories: Lack of Speech, Emotional Distress, Sleep Problems, and Violence; 110 Years of Chiropractic
    Events: “Have-A-Heart” – Golden Heart Award Winners – Dr. Howard Berg of Island Chiropractic and Fitness Center in St. Simon’s Island, GA and Palmer Chiropractic College West in San Jose, CA
    Parent Support Group: Stages a Parent Goes Through: Fear, Denial, Terror, Excitement, Anger, Shifting the Responsibility, Taking your Power Back, Focus, Acceptance & Gratitude.
    Seminars: “Oklahaven on the Move” – Honduras – FUNCHAE, Florida, Northwestern Chiropractic College, Karl Parker Seminars. At Oklahaven - 110 years of Chiropractic history Dr. John Carver, board member, is the grandson of Dr. Willard Carver, the lawyer, who got D.D. Palmer, the founder of chiropractic, out of jail for healing without a medical license and helped organize the chiropractic profession. He started the first chiropractic college in Oklahoma and taught chiropractic specific adjusting techniques.
    Outstanding Volunteers: Dr. Laura Weller, Dr. Liz Erkenswick, Dr. John Carver, Dr. Monty Harris, Dr. Michael Schweitzer

  • In-Line Spring 2005 (224k PDF)
    Stories: “Oklahaven on the Move” – Honduras; Cerebral Palsy and Autism, Hyperactivity, Seizures; Tourette’s.
    Events: “Have-A-Heart” moves into community at Wild Oats Health Food Store, Tulsa, OK
    Seminars: “Oklahaven on the Move” – Health Show in Vancouver, Canada , Honduras, Poland at the Foundation for Home Rehabilitation, Antwerp, Belgium at Voluntas, a nonprofit foundation for disabled children, Florida, at Oklahaven - How to Evaluate a Child’s Neurological Age and Techniques for the Severely Hurt Child
    Parent Support Group: What it Feels Like to Have a Hurt Child - Parent’s Feelings
    Outstanding Volunteers: Dr. Marah Rutland

  • In-Line Fall 2004 (156k PDF)
    Stories: Emotionally Disorganized, lacked social skills and self-control, Temper tantrums
    Events: “Have-A-Heart” – Golden Heart Award Winners – Island Chiropractic in St. Simon’s Island, Georgia and New York Chiropractic College
    Seminars: “Oklahaven on the Move”: Florida, Minneapolis, Canada and Austria Parent Support Group: Blackberry picking, monthly patters and conference calls, parents sharing their stories on Public Access Cox TV and Civic Organizations
    Outstanding Volunteers: New Board Member – Larry Steele from eBanking Experts, Charlie Humphries
    Memorial: Dr. M. Wayne Clark – a founding father of Oklahaven, NUCCA practitioner

  • In-Line Spring 2004 (132k PDF)
    Stories: Neuro-developmental Sequence, Neural Dis-organization, Mild Dyslexia, OCD, ADD, ADHD, PDD, bipolarism, C.H.A.R.G.E., Down’s, Apert’s, Cerebral Palsy, Asberger’s (mild autism) to Profound Autism; childhood milestones
    Events: Dr. Goldia Young a chiropractor bequests her home/clinic. A Commemorative Plaque renames the boardroom in her honor; she worked at the Center in the formative years. See the Possi-bili-Teas Party “Have-A-Heart” – Golden Heart Award Winners – Island Chiropractic and Golf Fitness Center in St. Simon’s Island, GA and Palmer College, Davenport, Iowa
    Seminars: Specific Blair Upper Cervical Technique for Hurt Children – Dr. Tom Forest
    Outstanding Volunteers: New Board Member – Dr. Sabra Morrow-Rhodes

  • In-Line Fall 2003 (308k PDF)
    Stories: Anti-social, Autistic, and Obsessive Behavior; Premature Infant
    Events: “Have-A-Heart”: Golden Heart Award Winners – Cleveland Chiropractic College, LA and White Center in Seattle, WA
    Parent Support Group: “How to Find the Wellness in Your Developmentally Challenged Child”
    Seminars: “Oklahaven on the Move”: European Year of the Handicapped; National Conference on Alternative Care for Disabled Children; Palmer Lyceum – Dr. Roy Sweat, Dr. Tom Forest
    Outstanding Volunteers: Dr. Bill Doscher
    New staff: Dr. Monty Harris

  • In-Line Spring 2003 (2364k PDF)
    Stories: Twin Challenge from Poland - Cerebral Palsy; Major Sensory & Motor Dysfunction; Scoliosis and Seizures; Blindness, Fetal Toxicity, Premature Births; Sensory Integration Problems.
    “From a small town far across the Atlantic a courageous Polish mother makes a journey to Oklahaven to improve the quality of her twin daughters’ lives.”
    Events: “Have-A-Heart” – A parent shares her gratitude for those who open their hearts. Parent Support Group Activities: Spring Cleaning for the Body
    Seminars: “Oklahaven on the Move” Poland; Blair Upper Cervical Specific Technique held at Oklahaven with Dr. Tom Forest and Dr. Paul Pierce
    Outstanding Volunteers: Mr. Roger Titone founder of Tytronics, Mr. Alan Ernest of Infomanagers

  • In-Line Fall 2002 (260k PDF)
    Stories: Toxic Teens – Toxic Diet and Acute Asthma; Ulcers, Poor attention. “Many of today’s adolescents are malnourished, tired, toxic and disorganized. Because of this, academic and social pressures are having a far deeper impact on their lives.”
    Events: 5th Annual “Have-A-Heart”; Challenge Grant from Dr, William Harris, director of the Foundation for the Advancement of Chiropractic Education;
    Parent Support Group: Berry Picking and Fruit Smoothie Recipe
    Outstanding Volunteers: Larry Steele, Clint Steele, Charlie Humphrey, Marc McKinney created Oklahaven’s website, Valerie Kenney German, and Rick Webb

  • In-Line Spring 2002 (1.2mb PDF)
    Stories: Cerebral Palsy, Several brain surgeries, Brain shunt, Seizures, Constant headaches, and pain
    Events: 40th Anniversary committee; “Have-A-Heart”: Iota Delta Chapter of Alpha Xi Delta; Dr. Mark A. Lopes of Fremont Chiropractic; Dr. Ron Guild of Palmer West
    Parent Support Group: Taste & Learn Series – Nuts, seeds, Parenting styles, Healthier Households with Essential Oils – Charlotte Hayer with Laughing Rabbit Soap Company
    Memorial: Dr. Byron Gentry – Chiropractor of 53 years, Founder and Developer of The Tool Technique – a powerful mind-power technique
    Seminars: Week of the Young Child Family Fun Day; 1st Annual Oklahoma Holistic Health Fair; Karl Parker Seminars; Parker Seminars; Chiropractic Pediatric Conference; Oregon Doctors of Chiropractic Association; 1st Annual Alternative Therapies for Special Kids Conference Outstanding Volunteers: Dr. Bill Doscher, Reginald Libby, Deanie, Jim Noble, Liz Sheehan, Sarge Goodchild

  • In-Line Fall 2001 (1.1mb PDF)
    Stories: “Dairy/Sugar Meltdown”; Food Addiction, Allergy, Sensitivity, Whole Foods, artificial sweeteners; Other Disciplines at Oklahaven: Neuro-development –Phyllis Libby; Tai Chi – Carla Kelly; Meridian and Color therapy and Aromatherapy techniques – Mike Richards; NUCCA Upper Cervical – Dr. Nash; Deep Tissue Release – Amy Van Anthwerp
    Events: Oklahaven prepares to celebrate 40th Anniversary; “Have-A-Heart”
    Parent Support Group – visits Martin Park Nature Center with parent Laurie Gillum, renowned ornithologist
    Seminars: Future Perfect Seminars honored Dr. Bobby with Dr. Larry Webster ChiroPediatric Lifetime Achievement Award – for dedication and commitment to helping thousands of chiropractors adjust millions of children.

  • In-Line Spring 2001 (1mb PDF)
    Stories: Autism and Cerebral Palsy; Neurological disorder, Neurologic Rehabilitation
    Events: “Have-A-Heart” – Golden Heart Winners - Life West Chiropractic College and Schwartz Family Chiropractic
    Parent Support Group Activities: Taste & Learn Series – Beans, Breastfeeding, When to begin baby and toddler food; Anatomy and Physiology – It’s Your Body
    Seminars: “Oklahaven on the Move” goes to Kentuckiana with Sarge Goodchild
    Outstanding Volunteers: Stacy at Life West Chiropractic College

  • In-Line Summer 2000 (2mb PDF)
    Stories: Cerebral palsy of the Spastic Quadriplegic Type; Dysfunctional Speech Disorder; Neurological Disorder; Improved voluntary control of head, neck and extremities
    Special Guest - Sarge Goodchild of Estin & Goodchild Neural Developmental Consultants – program of neurological rehabilitation development
    Events: “Have-A-Heart” Dr. Angie Welikala, National Vice-Chair of Student International Chiropractic Association
    Parent Support Group Activities: Taste & Learn Series – Grains, Breakfast, Pumpkins, Berry Picking, and visiting an organic community gardening project
    Seminars: “Oklahaven on the Move” – Atlanta, Dallas, San Francisco, Davenport (home of chiropractic), and Canada
    Outstanding Volunteers: Laurie Gillum, John Blevins, Robert Groupe, Jim and Mike Noble
    New Executive Director: David J. Shanks

  • In-Line Fall 1999 (2mb PDF)
    Stories: Premature Birth with Spastic Diplegic Cerebral Palsy and Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia with Tracheal Tube; Non-progressive Muscular Hypotonia, Delayed Development
    Events: Visitors from China to help the Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysian children – Dr. Sandra T.K. Leung and Virginia; Annual Pumpkin Painting; Clinic Appreciation Days for Oklahaven; Parent Support Group shares stories through audiotapes on website

  • In-Line Spring 1999 (2.3mb PDF)
    Stories: Cerebral Palsy Twins: exhibit two different types-Atonic (floppy) & Spastic Diplegic (stiff); Sensory Deficit, Hyperactivity, Autism, Neurological Disorganization
    Events: “Have-A-Heart” campaign grows with Dr. Angie Welikala; ICPA Holiday Angel Fund; Parent Support Group Activities – Parenting, Herbs, Back to Nature, Nutritional Snacks, Pumpkin Recipes
    Seminars: “Oklahaven on the Move” – Mexico
    Outstanding Volunteers: Kirkpatrick Family Fund challenges matching funds for Oklahaven to be listed as a charity at the Oklahoma City Community Foundation

  • In-Line Fall 1998 (2.5mb PDF)
    Stories: High School Volunteers; Patient from Mexico with Non-Progressive Muscular Hypotonia; Asthma and Emotional Outbursts
    Events: Parent Support Group Meets Throughout the Year with Devotion of Tammy Ward, Founder. Group Learns About Nuts and Seeds, Grains, Breakfast Basics, Lunch Ideas, Soups and Visits Martin Park Nature Center and The Earth Natural Foods and Deli; Dr. Bobby helps celebrate Dr. William Harris’ 60 years in chiropractic in Atlanta, GA
    Outstanding Volunteers: Heather Sugrue and Jessica Bauman; Laurie Gillum; Tammy Ward

  • In-Line Spring 1997 (2mb PDF)
    Stories: Dr. William Harris of the Foundation for the Advancement of Chiropractic Education again gives challenge grant to Oklahaven; “Oklahaven on the Move” Guatemala: Birth Trauma - forceps, vacuum extraction, tranquilizers, anesthetics, labor inducing drugs, and immunizations; Bilateral Convergent Strabismus complicated by a constant Nystagmus; Precolated with Congestion; was rendered blind immobile, rigid, & seizuring after immunizations; Comatose during heart surgery; Immobile
    Events: Backyard and new fence donated; 35th Anniversary; “Oklahaven Special Days” as independent fundraisers in many clinics brings new patients and spreads the chiropractic story.
    Outstanding Volunteers: The National Health Education Society, Voice for Health Magazine

  • In-Line Fall 1996 (1.9mb PDF)
    Stories: Autism and Hyperactivity; Staff Member: Dr. Edward Lynch
    Events: Dr. Bobby honored with the Dr. Mabel Heath Palmer Award given by Sigma Phi Chi Sorority, the oldest chiropractic organization and Mrs. D.D. (Agnes High) Palmer, II, D.C.; Annual Pumpkin Painting
    New video shown in Oklahoma, U.S.A, Australia, Canada, Mexico, and Chile
    Seminars: “Oklahaven on the Move” – Traveling and teaching: Palmer, Davenport, Palmer West, and Life West in California; The International Chiropractic Pediatric Association Conference in Atlanta with Dr. Larry Webster; New Beginnings Seminar with Dr. Jim DuBell; Parker Seminars: Dallas, Las Vegas, and Acapulco

  • In-Line Winter 1995 (2.2mb PDF)
    Stories: Crippling and Painful Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis; Ear and sinus infections, frustration, emotional meltdowns, and failure to thrive; New Staff: Phyllis Libby
    Events: Centennial Year of Chiropractic: Dr. Bobby was named Woman Doctor of the Year for 1995 by the World Congress of Women Chiropractors and One of the Ten Great Women in the History of Chiropractic
    Video: Cox Cable produced a remarkable 9 minute video of sick children’s lives turned around with chiropractic care.
    Seminars: Mini cooking classes
    Outstanding Volunteers: Dr. William Doscher, Sally Brown, Dottie Weissenberger, Bob and Arlene Narson of Narson Table Company, Andrew Castiglione with MCI, Cox Cable, Sarah Bullock, and Susan Addy, Jim Noble, and Oklahaven’s Board Members

  • In-Line Spring 1995 (1.9mb PDF)
    Stories: Stiff & Rigid, Unable to relax, couldn’t pick up his head or roll over, Difficulties Nursing; Severe Red, Itchy Rashes – Permanent Measles; Vaccines
    Events: Purchasing Bricks for the Back Patio Project; Tremendous Jones, author of Life is Tremendous and motivational speaker visits Oklahaven
    Seminars: Viera Scheibner, Ph.D., author of Vaccination, The Medical Assault on the Immune System
    Outstanding Volunteers: Tim Chandler, Sam’s Club Manager

  • In-Line Fall 1994 (1.9mb PDF)
    Stories: Severe Asthma
    Events: Challenge Grant from Foundation for the Advancement of Chiropractic Education; National Advisory Board Named; Backyard Patio Transformed into Children’s Wonderland; Annual Pumpkin Painting; Sam’s Club Matching Fund-Raiser
    Seminars: New Beginnings; Sigafoose Seminars; Harris Coulter, co-author of Shot in the Dark, lectured at Oklahaven
    Outstanding Volunteers: Dick Gewin and Greg Balke

  • In-Line Summer 1993 (1.6mb PDF)
    Stories: Premature Birth, Cerebral Palsy, Hydrocephalic with Shunt
    Events: Ribbon Cutting of New Center @ 4500 N. Meridian
    Outstanding Volunteers: Jeff Givens, Sally Brown, Bev Richie

  • In-Line Fall 1992 (1.5mb PDF)
    Stories: Severe Allergies, Chronic Acute Asthma, and Severe Rashes; New Building Located; Happy 30th Birthday, Oklahaven
    Events: Christmas Appeal
    Outstanding Volunteers: Governor of Oklahoma Declares “Dr. Bobby Doscher Day”

  • In-Line Winter 1991 (1.3mb PDF)
    Stories: Car Accident special needs child resulting in Concussion. Presented with Severe Head and Neck Misalignment, “Bubble baby&rd – immune deficiency, speech delays, eyelid droop, abnormal gait and toe-walker
    Events: Annual Charity Ball with Harvey and the Wallbangers
    Outstanding Volunteers: Marie Childers, Arthur Powell from Retired Senior Volunteer Program

  • In-Line Winter 1990 (2.4mb PDF)
    Stories: Chromosomal Disorder, Two Year old – 14 ½ lbs., Couldn’t Sit Up, Severely Delayed
    Events: Children’s Day at Remington Park Benefit; Oklahaven’s First Charity Ball
    Outstanding Volunteers: Dr. Burt Chappell, Theresa Cabill, Dee Downard and Greg Morris, Bill Halloway and Retired Senior Volunteer Program and Retired Executive Volunteers

  • In-Line Winter 1989 (2.2mb PDF)
    Stories: Warning signs of subluxation
    Events: “Stars for Chiropractic and Special Children Gala Benefit”, Tennessee Chiropractic Association, Founders of the Benefit: Dr. & Mrs. Allen Robards, National Chairperson: Stella Parton, Lead Entertainer: Eddy Ravens, Donna Faye and Bluezinger, the Wright Brothers, Tim Malacheck, John Anderson, Becky Hobbs, and the late Keith Whitely; Annual Pumpkin Painting; 6th Annual Golf Scramble & Benefit; Cox Cable Monthly Public Service Access hosted by Dr. Robert Grupe.
    Outstanding Volunteers: Dr. Geneva Watson

  • In-Line Fall 1988 (2.3mb PDF)
    Stories: Cerebral Palsy, Virtually Immobile, Blind, Delayed Gross Motor Skills
    Events: Computer Raffle; 5th Annual Golf Scramble & Benefit; Annual Pumpkin Painting

  • In-Line Summer 1987 - 25th Anniversary (1.5mb PDF)
    Stories: 25th Anniversary; Art Linkletter Congratulates Oklahaven on Quarter Century of Natural Drug-free Healthcare; Scoliosis Screening
    Events: San Antonio Night Fiesta; 25th Anniversary Birthday Party
    Outstanding Volunteers: Linda Haneborg

  • In-Line Fall 1986 (3mb PDF)
    Stories: Dr. Bobby Invited to the Kingdom of Jordan to Treat a Boy with Cerebral Palsy, Brachial Plexus Break at Birth and Arm Misalignment, Cerebral Palsy, Hands and Toes Drawn Up, Eating Problems, Insomnia
    Events: Art Linkletter; Annual Pumpkin Painting; Annual Golf Scramble; Garage Sale;
    Outstanding Volunteers: Joy Pendley and Dr. Fred Bogan

  • In-Line Spring 1986 (1.3mb PDF)
    Stories: Cerebral Palsy with Marked Motor and Mental Retardation, Legal Blindness, and Severe Scoliosis;
    Events: Appeal by State Representative Rollin Reimer, “Help us help children, like you know chiropractic can!”

  • In-Line Fall 1985 (3.1mb PDF)
    Stories: Developmental Regression: Stopped Walking & Crawling at age Two. Hearing Problems; Newborns need spinal checkup
    Seminars: “Baby’s First Year”;
    Events: Upper Cervical Convention; Annual Golf Scramble; Annual Pumpkin Painting; Children’s Holiday Show; “In-Line with Oklahaven”
    Outstanding Volunteers: Robert Johnston, Sue Macauley and Sunshine Travel
    In Memoriam: Dr. Harold Lynch

  • In-Line Summer 1984 (3mb PDF)
    Stories: Poor Coordination, Pigeon Toed, & Extreme Sinus Drainage
    Seminars: Precision Upper Cervical NUCCA Clinic; X-Ray Department Upgraded with Help of Volunteers
    Events: Holiday Christmas Show with Oklahoma Youth Orchestra Festival Strings and Skip Cain/Magician; Annual Golf Scramble; Special Olympics

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